Thursday, 15 February 2018

Fresh Perception

Yep today I will finish the following:
-meal preps for the week
-do 1 hour workout
-meet up with my friend for coffee
Once upon a time in my previous life I would have nailed this with my eyes shut with a list three times as long.

In reality now, I would be lucky to start two of them. Now it is more like:
-put the laundry in the washer and hang it if can
-hmm toast will do
-does lifting a baby count?
-does watching the Real Housewives for 5 minutes count as friends?
-reading the label of Fess (nasal relief for babies) is all the reading I get

It is the new life I now live being a new mum. I use to be so hard on myself. I use to think I was a terrible partner, mother and human for failing at doing the things I use to do on top of being a new mum. I had no time to put together a resume, apply for the job or really get on site training. I was thrusted into a role with no manuals but instinct. Challenging is the best word to describe it. My partner would tell me I was doing great, however it wasn't enough. I would see other mothers with new borns and it was like cakewalk to them. While I was finding it hard to even brush my teeth at times. My 'ah ha' moment came in the form of a video that my facebook friend shared, who was also a new mum. The video is from a facebook page called Motherly.

See link below

It touched me to my core and validated exactly how I was feeling. All new new mums and more experienced mums should watch it. It is so true! When we beat ourselves up for doing what feels like 'nothing', we sometimes miss the bigger picture. I would be so hard on myself for doing 'nothing' while I was attending to the needs to this new little human. When really all the 'nothing' that I was doing, was actually everything.

All the glances, smiles, cries and little noises makes the challenge worth it. Wouldn't trade this little guy for all the books in the world, that is saying a lot for a bookworm like me.
 To all the mums out there, you are all doing the great! Sending you all virtual hugs and kisses oxox

PS. I feel like I am working in the circus at the moment; juggling. Currently working remotely from home, writing this post while my work stuff is spinning in thhe background, prepping new items to post on etsy as a small busines newb and keeping an eye on my little human as he sleeps. Spelling and grammer warriors please excuse my mistakes #mumlifeisthebest

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