Sunday, 31 August 2014

Day Trip to Vanguard with Erin Rhew

With The Prophecy sequel, The Outlanders release just around the corner *happy dance.* I asked the creator and very talented author of The Fulfillment Series Erin Rhew,  out for tea. I was elated when she obliged, and insisted I go to her. I did insist for selfish reasons. I wanted to grill her with questions + I eagerly wanted to visit the realm she created... and I also hoped she could set me up with Samson. Can't blame a girl for trying.

The baker's shop in Vanguard didn't look very much like a bakery. I almost walked straight past it. It was only because I saw Erin waving to me from a table that I realised I was at the right place. The bakery was still under repair from when Layla threw Elder Werrick into it.

When the tea arrived and almost spilt it in my excitement. I was in Vanguard. Standing on the same earth as Samson. Sitting next to the architect.

Congrats on wining the most social author of 2013-2014 and most of all congratulations on the release of the Prophecy.
 --Thank you so much! I’m thrilled by both! 

Is there any advice you want to share with aspiring authors such as myself?
 --Two things: 1) Edit, edit, edit. I thought The Prophecy was ready for submission when I began querying, but I found out, the hard way, it wasn’t. Even when you think you’re done, even when you think it’s the best it can be, edit some more. Ask for help from beta readers and critique partners who can show you things you’ve missed. 2) Never give up. The publishing world is tough, and you will take plenty of hard knocks. But hold on to your dream. Never give it up. Never surrender.

What inspired you to write your first book?
 --I can’t point to any one thing, but I think Game of Thrones and Arthurian legend played a big role. 

Are the characters or events based loosely on real life?
 --No, all the characters and events spring to life out of my own mind. I’m sure some characters have traits of people I admire or dislike, but overall, they are just figments of my imagination (ok, I’ll be honest, even though they are imaginary, they’re my friends). 

What was the most fun part to write and what was the most challenging?
 --Writing believable people, people in whom a reader can invest, is the hardest and most enjoyable part of writing. The most fun person to write, and he remains that way throughout the series, is Samson. He’s my homage to Percy Jackson, whom I adore. I’m not nearly as witty as Rick Riordan, but I wanted to pay some sort of respect to snarky Percy.
 The most challenging part to write was Layla. At first, she didn’t have the internal strength I wanted for her, so she took several re-writes. 

 Do you have a favourite character?
 --I do. But…I can’t tell you which one, or it might spoil things… ;)

Do you see yourself more of an Ethereals, Vanguard, Ecclesiastic, Volton or Outlander?
 --I think I’m a Vanguard-Volton mix.  I believe I’m tough and tenacious while also being studious and dedicated to learning.

If I was going to take a holiday into The Prophecy world, where would you advise I stay?
 --I’d recommend Volton or Etherea. You’re likely to get killed in Vanguard. We know little about the Outlanders, so you’re taking a big gamble if you go there. Besides, who would want to spend any time with Elder Werrick and the Ecclesiastics? LOL!

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
 --I don’t think I set out with a message in mind. I just wanted readers to fall in love with the characters and enjoy the story. But my content editor, Katie Carroll, pointed out that my story has a lot to do with challenging prejudice and seeing people for who they really are versus your impression of them.

 Can we get a snippet of the next book in the Fulfilment Series? Pretty Please *giving my best puppy dog eyes*
 --Hmmmmm…maybe a little peek… ;)
 “The message of the First Ones—their beginning, their struggle, their end, the cause of the war—all belong to the Ecclesiastics now, and they dole out only what benefits the current Elder. The story is one of love, lies, treachery, death, and war. We are all decedents of this legacy.”

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  1. Great interview, ladies! Angela, you made me literally laughed out loud. :-) Erin, so proud of you! Your next book is even better. Your fans will be beyond thrilled!

  2. Thanks!!! It was so much fun. Can't wait for The Outlanders. Will definitly be harassing Erin for another visit when it comes out. Might try Etherea this time :D