Saturday, 1 March 2014

What is your favourite book series?

You have 10 seconds to decide which limb you can live without, DECIDE!
That's how a bookworm feels when asked 'what is your favourite book series?' I have so many I lost count. But there are two front runners that I never get sick of re-reading.

Drum roll please...

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare
Will Herondale cemented my love for him when he wrote his original song about demon pox. Then I took the tumultuous journey with him and celebrated his highs and cried at his lows. I was with him til the very last word of the Clockwork Princess. Even though inevitable pain  is eminent I will willingly re-take the journey with him over and over. 

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The Goddess Summoning Series by PC Cast

This series was my heroin for some, from the moment Hades entered the scene. I fell thousands of feet below the surface into the underworld. Then I defied the laws of time and space and travelled to Camelot. I further pushed the barriers of physics and swam in the deepest sea and fell for a merman. I was touched by all the Goddesses and their humanity. A book series that does not have to be read in a particular order but will definitely have you wanting more.

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What's your favourite book series?


  1. Mine is the Infernal Devices too! Why? WILL!!!!!! *my inner fangirl is SCREAMING right now*