KA Kreative - Source of your Vitamin PV

Just launched a small business.

A healthy attitude is just as important as a healthy body.

I have been working behind the scenes for some time and it was time to step into the spotlight and put forward KA Kreative. Like most artist, I designed personalised items for those nearest and dearest to me. Creating specialty items that has become popular in my inner circle. I have tried the products on myself and other guinea pigs with positive results. I’m excited to be extending them to you.

I am self-confessed nerd with no shelf control. My items are fun and laced with a little nerdish/bookish flare. My intention is to bring a smile to a face, help someone feel empowered, give someone a mental energy boost and all around a feel-good boost. Each item has been designed and rustically hand assembled.

I do prides itself in trying to be as eco-friendly as can be. I try to re-use, re-purpose or use up items that are to be discarded. Jars may different in shape and size slightly and is subject to availability. The paper may differ slightly as well for I do try to utilise paper that is to be discarded or recycled but is still useable.

Printing and assembling is all rustically done by hand, imperfections of the finishing is unique but done with love. Orders can vary in for dispatch for each item is freshly assembled to minimise wastage.

Help me in spreading some positivity into the world. The change starts with you and me 😊

Get your dose today at https://www.facebook.com/kakreative/ 
or https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/KAkreative
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