Friday, 1 August 2014

Guardian of the Galaxy Review

So I watched Guardian of the Galaxy last night and the only world that comes to mind; AWESOME!

Marvel you have done it again. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie from beginning to end. The easy flow of the story was a delight to watch on a Friday night after a hectic week. I found the movie light with enough seriousness to grip me. 

The cast ensemble was was epic. Who ever does the casting for Marvel movies should get a pay rise. From a graphic artist point of view I soaked up all the details in the costumes, make up and set. Kudos to all those involved, they left no stone unturned and it shows. The writers also need to be mentioned, if I met any of them I would give them a big high five. The links to the other Marvel franchise was noticed by us Marvel Fanatics. The script was hilarious, I have never laughed that much in any Marvel movie. In fact everyone involved should get a bonus. 

Giving the moving a 9.5/10. It's a great family friendly movie that will entertain the children and the adults alike. 

So peeps I suggest you familiarize yourself with Star Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy, I have no doubt you will be seeing more of them. 

I wonder if I can apply to be a guardian myself. Happy to be a decoy when needed. I could assist Star Lord in a dance off. Just tell me where to sign :D

Don't forget, a true Marvel fan stays until the end credits have finished rolling...

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