Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My characters accused me of being a bad writer...

So now that all the World Cup hoopla is over and I have recovered from post football fever I am ready to get back into writing. I was too distracted with skilfully toned men running across a field. My sleeping pattern has just returned to its normal routine. Normal being 5 hours of sleep and 3 hours chatting to my characters about my MO (my WIP). They had the audacity to confront me.

Zach: Well, well, well. Look who has finally thought we were worthy of her time again.

Me: It was World Cup dude. It happens every four years. A football junkie like yourself should understand.

Zach: Hey I often say 'if the ball ain't round it ain't football.' But you could have stopped by to say 'hey' every now and then. It's been a month women! I thought we meant something to you?

Raiden: Said the one who was glued to the TV watching every game, between the games and admiring yourself in the mirror, I'm surprised you even noticed. She did come in every now and then and did edits between games.

Me: Thank you for noticing Rai.

Zach: Maybe on you. I've been in limbo.

Raiden: *Laughs* You're jealous you think I'm her favourite.

Zach: Get out of my head Dokkalfar, it's creepy you can do that. Don't know if I'll ever get use to it *shivers* Imagine reading a book and not being able to read the ending. That is literally where we are. It's really annoying any bookworm would agree with me.

Raiden: And you being able to appear where ever you like isn't creepy? I really didn't appreciate you creating a wormhole into my bathroom.

Zach: Hey I needed to tell you something.

Raiden: A knock knock joke is something that can wait.

Zach: "Who's there?" wasn't going to ask itself, was it?

Me: Boys--

Zach: Oh sorry. I didn't recognise you, it's been so long *Gives his signature closed lipped smile with one dimple*

Raiden: Leave her alone mongrel *grins*

Zach: I'm not a dog.

Raiden: Sometimes your manners would prove otherwise.

Me: So how's Ana?
*I interrupt trying to defuse the banter*
*Both boys stop. They have mirror expressions, both looking at their feet, their cheeks a slight pink hue.*

Xander: I don't play chess, but check mate. Nice move Ang. Is that all I have to say to shut those two up. See what happens when you aren't around?

Me: So sorry guys. I will crack the whip and get back into it.
* Zach pretends to lasso me in* I have to confess I had a little writers block as well.

Xander: Awe wanna drink about it?

Zach: How can you have writer block with us? You have an eclectic mix of hot homosapians.

Raiden: *Laughs* can you even name all the seven species?

Zach: *Starts counting them on his fingers* Elves, nephilim, humana, fei, vamps, vitterfolk ... umm.

Theo: Lycanthrope. How could you forget me? I'm your best friend. Dude I put sunscreen on your back in public even though it looks questionable.

Ana: That's enough, all of you! You two *points to Theo and Xander* Ella has been looking for you. And you two *eyes Zach and Raiden* Leave her be and let her get back to work. *Obediently they motion to leave.*

Zach: Just want to address one last thing, because it will come up later.

Me: What is it Zach?

Raiden: Bloody hell. Get over it. I'm her favourite.

Zach: Stop reading my mind. Ang is that true?

Raiden: I just read hers and I'm her favourite, deal with it. *Raiden hid a sly smile on his face.*

Ana: *Ana began ushering the pair out the door.* I'll take these two distractions away. FYI I would really love it if we get to go to France in your future writings. *She winks closing the door behind her.*

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