Saturday, 24 May 2014

X-men Days of Future Past Review

Amazing. Compelling. Stupendous. Adjectives describing X-men Days of Future Past.

A round of applause to Marvel for hiring the most talented writers. A standing ovation to those behind the scenes. Their creative plot which linked real history was simply ingenious. Coupled with today's technology, equated to a 134 minutes of pure gold entertainment.

I had only ever known Professor X to be composed and wise. Seeing him struggle like the rest of us humans brought a different dimension to his character. In fact all the characters, I saw from a different vantage point while still capturing the essence of their attributes. Their back stories brought warmth to the story.

Viewers will not be disappointed, with impressive action sequences. I accepted no less from Marvel. It's a marvelous display of resourcefulness as the mutants use their gifts to survive. 

As a Marvel fan I was giddy with all the minor details and the ties acknowledging the previous movies. There were some questions that surfacef at the back of my mind as I watched but I was happy to overlook them. I struggled in vain to fall in love with X-men 2 and 3, though this movie makes up for it, and all is forgiven.


Clear your plans, fake a sickie, do what you must to get to the cinemas. It will not disappoint.  I would suggest you watch the previous movies before watching this one or at least watch First Class. Days of Future Past is the kind of movie you need to see more than once and will draw you in again every time..

So many battles waged over the years... and yet, none like this. Are we destined to destroy each other, or can we change each other and unite? Is the future truly set? 
-Profession Charles Xavier

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