Saturday, 31 May 2014

City of Heavenly Fire Review

Calming rune? Check. Box of tissues? Check. Iratze over heart? Check. 

No amount of preparation was enough for Cassandra Clare's final instalment of The Mortal Instruments-- City of Heavenly Fire.

After harassing my local book store to ensure the arrival of the book was still on the track for the 27th May, when it finally arrived I felt I was holding gold. My precious. After the initial shock of finally having the book, I looked at the glossy cover of the book and realised Cassie had my heart in her hands. The pages before me I knew would bring me joy and pain. Typical Cassandra Clare. After inhaling the new book smell, I opened to the first page and willingly took a leap into the abyss.

200 000 words were before me. Each one bringing me to the end of one of my favourite series. Like an addict I devoured the book and was drunk on it, a book hangover lingered for days after I finished. City of Heavenly Fire was an all consuming, electrifying read. Beautiful torture.

A dynamic riveting plot coupled with heart provoking moments. Laugh out loud anecdotes, exciting action with heart straining moments. As I read I was counting down the infamous '6 deaths we know by name' that Cassie hinted. With each emotional juncture I got chills, fearing Cassie will take another character away from me. I still have scars from Clockwork Princess. There were some patches in the story that I questioned but I happily overlooked. Kudos to Cassie for majestically linking The Infernal Devices. It made the fangirl inside of me that never ages very giddy. 

Cassie is a master story teller of our time and one of my all time favourite authors. Never have I been so in love with a world since Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. She makes the Shadow World seem like a tangible world and I have yet to learn to see beyond the glamour. She has a beautiful gift from the angel to command words. Each page I turned with hesitation and anticipation.


A must read for all shadowhunters. Thank you Cassie for the wonderful adventure that is The Mortal Instruments. Every pitful, heartache and tear was worth it for all the jokes, smiles and happiness. It is a fitting conclusion that will not disappoint. I swear on the angel.

"Temper us in fire, and we grow stronger. When we suffer, we survive."

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