Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Cut off one head and two more shall take its place. 

Pre Captain America - The First Avenger I had high hopes. Marvel has always exceeded my expectations. The pedestal I had Marvel on must have been too high. After watching The First Avenger, I walked out of the cinemas with shock weighing on me. Shocked that I didn't like the movie. I understood the story of Steve Rogers had to be told on the big screen, but it lacked action and had me feeling insatiable. So when I sat down to watch The Winter Soldier I challenged Captain America to impress me-- and he delivered.

The action had me gripping white knuckled in my seat. I was assaulted with stunts that defied logic. The shock twists had me shaking my head. The story line was had me pondering what if this is true and actually happening in real life. After all it is the most preposterous notions that we shake off that could be closer to the truth. I appreciated the emotional depths that were explored for each character. 

Hail Hydra has been infiltrating the social media. For all we know Hydra has infiltrated places we least expect and used the movie to gain more exposure to gain a following?! 'If you cut off one head two more shall take its place.' If there is a grain of truth to this, it is very clever of them if you ask me. If this is the case, Shield will be recruiting. Where can I hand in my application for S.H.I.E.L.D?

Anyone with an imagination who loves actions should watch this. It will not disappoint. On exiting the cinema I did not hear one bad review but heard the viewers saying they would see it again. Marvel fans worldwide such as myself have watched it more than once. Its spectacular fight sequences coupled with the gripping storyline makes it a must watch. 

Cannot wait for the next instalment. Marvel has made me into an Avengers junkie, counting the days until my next fix.

"I would protect the life of seven billion people, at the cost of twenty million. It takes courage to do that." 
"And it takes courage not too..."


  1. These movies almost never disappoint, which is why this is so much fun to just sit through and enjoy. Good review Krystal.