Monday, 25 November 2013

The Prophecy by Erin Albert, Review

Move over vampires and werewolves. There is a new breed of fictional characters taking over ... the Ethereals and the Vanguards.

The Prophecy by Erin Albert is the first instalment from the The Fulfillment series. Never before have I been engrossed in a imaginary world since Idris and Middle Earth. 

The first chapter greeted me with action that continued throughout the book coupled with moments that made my fangirl heart flutter and filled my limbs with adrenaline, awakening the Vanguard in me. Albert like all talented authors loves to tug at our emotions with her intriguing characters and gripping plot. My heart ping ponged back and forth throughout the story. Us readers love the sadistic beautiful torture a great book brings us. This tale promises to deliver just that. Even down to the last page I found myself pining for more not ready to end the beautiful torture. 

This book is for all fantasy lovers. It's a special treat for fangirls as you will not be disappointed with the array of charismatic drool-worthy characters, yes characters, as in plural. Albert created a fictional world that I loved to be lost in. When I read the last line of The Prophecy, one word came to mind. More! 

Albert's debut book lived up to the high exceptions that her fans were certain she would fulfil. The next instalment will no doubt bring more beautiful torture and I'll be a willing victim.

I highly recommend readers to take the first leap into The Fulfillment series and read The Prophecy.  

One often finds destiny on the road taken to avoid it...

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