Sunday, 6 October 2013

Random Recommendation: Tomorrow, When the war began

Where were you when everything changed?

Life is a two sided coin. Life or Death. Adrenaline takes over your limbs and fear seizes your core...

Imagine camping out with some friends for a few fun filled days, only to return home and your whole world is turned into a war zone. Literally. The peace and tranquilly that you took for granted is ripped from you. A foreign parasite is swarming your country and taking your friends, family and fellow citizens, as prisoners.

Reality threw ice cold water on Ellie and her friends. They went from typical teenagers with superficial problems to night crawling guerillas. The life they once knew, is no more and may never be again. If being an adolescent wasn't hard enough, try going through all the teenage angst and trying to simply stay alive. All of sudden homework and chores is paradise.

John Marsden is a talented Australian author who is the maestro who orchestrated The Tomorrow Series. A seven book series that is based in the Great Land of AUStralia. It's based in our real world, with the brutality of the Hunger Games. The books take us through the turbulent unsure path of Ellie and her friends as they force their inner courage forward and leave their adolescent years behind.

If you are a fan of the Hunger Games or dystopian societies, this may up your alley. The story is based on real places in our world. There is nothing supernatural in the books except for the super human wit and self preservation we humans have innate in all of us. Marsden had me turning each page with sick anticipation. The books had me experiencing every nerve racking moment and every heart wrenching tug as if I was the character narrating it. All of Marsden's characters are loveable, annoying and vulnerable. But with all of their imperfections they are gifted with strength and resilient that is other worldly. A great tribute to our human nature. Marsden touched on very real situations and emotions that we would all have to face if we woke up tomorrow, and a war began. This series was my favourite as a teenager, but is a great read for any age.

When the heaven of your home is threatened, do you lie down and give in? Or do you stand up and barrel forward with fierce determination that is fuelled by fear. Could you take Satan's Step with Ellie and her friends and live in Hell?

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