Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Goddess Of Spring Review PC Cast

Imagine walking willingly into Hell. Then coming face to face with Hades himself. But instead of ugly sadistic being he is often portrayed as, you are met with an attractive sensitive God?

Goddess of Spring by PC Cast is one of the books from The Goddess Summoning Series. This book has to be top 10 on my favourites list. This instalment is about a modern day mortal women, Lina. She is strong and independent. She is summoned by the Goddess Demeter to bring a breeze of fresh air into the underworld. Whilst her stay in the underworld, Lina discovers that the morbid perception that those have of hell are completely on the contrary. Instead it a beautiful peaceful paradise. The ruler himself is far from scary. Hades is not the harsh vengeful God that he has been portrayed in legend but is a sensitive soul with passions that rivals that of Romeo himself. Hades is painted in a vulnerable, romantic, sexy light.

For those who are into mythology, this is a great twist to the old stories of the ancient Gods. Even if you are not familiar or not a fan of the old myths this books is still a great read. Cast has linked the story to our time and has revived the old legends. So while reading you want to believe her twist on myths to be true. I found myself reading and thinking, 'this is possible' or 'please let this be possible.'

Cast does not disappoint in the romance and her vivid descriptions. I would highly recommend this for lovers of supernatural romance. I found myself falling for the God of the underworld. He is every bit a God, with his handsome physic coupled with the emotions and integrity of a man. Hades sees beyond ones skin and literally sees the heart of you. To me he is the ultimate, what else could a women want? 

Cast had me addicted to Goddess Summoning series. I think this series has fallen in the shadows of her  House of Night books. I guarantee if you liked the House of Night you will love this series.  There is no need to read the books in a particular order. They are all individual stories. Though characters mentioned make a cameo here and there, but it's not imperative that you read in an order. 

I still hope Demeter will appear before me summoning on some great quest in the hopes that I encounter an ambrosia like experience with an ancient God.

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